Health and Dental Accountants

Our client base includes GP surgeries with a patient list size of 2,000 to 16,000. We also deal with a large number of Dental Surgeries as well as Locum GPs and Dental associates.

NLE’s experience and in-depth knowledge of medico-finance make us one of the United Kingdom’s leading accountants for GP and Dental surgeries, consultants, locums, dental associates and hospital doctors.

We offer a personalised accounting service that is fast and efficient; our dedicated and motivated team will guide you from the start up through the whole accounting process

NLE offers professional advice on how to manage the finance of the surgeries more efficiently, enabling you to maximise earnings. We also keep abreast of the latest developments having an impact on the finances of medical and dental professionals so that you benefit from up-to-date expertise.

We specialise in GP and Dental:

• Partnerships
• Sole Practitioners
• Associates
• Limited Companies
• Taxation
• Payroll

Our additional services include:

• Management Account: Preparation of quarterly or half yearly accounts for the better cash flow control
• Tax Investigation services
• IT training
• Bookkeeping

We also deal with a large number of Locum and Dental associates who provide their services personally as self employed or through limited companies.

Our Fees: We work on fixed fees basis which is most popular with our clients. The fees will cover at least 2 meetings in a year and unlimited phone calls and emails to our staff. We also do not charge our clients to deal with their bank and building societies references as and when required.

For any queries, please feel free to ring or e-mail us:

Medical Professionals: Dental Professionals:

Phone: 0845 680 1637, 0208 242 5540 Mobile: 07915058212, 07884281994