NLE: The Anglo-French Accountancy Experts

Based in the Heart of Paris and London
Accounting, Taxation and Financial Expertise
NLE offers expert accounting, taxation and financial services to companies and individuals in France, the United Kingdom and beyond.
From Start-Ups To Multi-national Corporations
NLE provides specialised accounting and financial advice to a diverse range of international corporations with head offices, subsidiaries or affiliates in France, the UK or both countries.

NLE’s London office provides a comprehensive medico-finance service for health professionals and GP and Dental surgeries in the UK.
NLE also serves the needs of start-ups and small and medium-size businesses in France and the UK.

So, whether you are the CEO of an overseas subsidiary or are about to launch or expand your business overseas, NLE ensures that none of your accounting requirements gets lost in translation.

Local and International Expertise

NLE is accredited under both, the British and French law.
This means that whether you or your company operate in France, the UK or both countries, NLE’s multi-national, bilingual teams in Paris and London are qualified to offer you expert advice.

Peace of Mind at Home and Abroad
NLE’s accounting, taxation, and financial services are tailored to the individual needs of our clients so that you can benefit from peace of mind at home and abroad.